Roads Closed Due to Flooding

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Flooding has caused the closure of six county and state roads in Athens County, according to officials. The flooding accompanied a flood watch in Athens County, but the watch was cancelled at 2:30 p.m.

The Athens County Emergency Management Agency released a statement saying Glenn Ebon Road (County Road 4) – between state Route 691 and US 33 – and Frost Road (County Road 58) are closed because of high water on the roads.

The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) reported the closure of state Route 56 in the Carbondale area, Route 690 at mile marker 3.9, Route 356 and 681.

Route 329 in spots between US Route 50 and state Route 144 and between state Route 144 and state Route 550 are being restricted. Restricted roads are not closed, but caution should be used when using them, according to David Rose, spokesperson for the Ohio Department of Transportation, District 10.

“Restricted means right now it’s not completely closed, maybe the water is covering one lane or on the shoulder,” Rose said.

Other county roads are also facing flooding issues, including Hocking, Meigs and Vinton County.

Route 278 between Nelsonville and state Route 595 is closed in Hocking County and Route 595 between 278 and the Perry County line is restricted, according to ODOT.

In Meigs County, Route 124 is closed between route 325 and route 7 and between US 33 and Route 248. Also closed is Route 143 between state routes 7 and 684. Route 248 is closed between state routes 7 and 124. Route 681 between the Athens County line and the junction to US 33 is also closed in Meigs County.

In Vinton County, Route 349 between the Jackson County line and state route 160 is closed, along with state route 356 between US 50 and the Athens County line. Route 160 between state route 324 and state route 349 is currently restricted.

Dan Pfeiffer, of the Athens County Public Information Officer Network advised that residents no drive into high water and avoid the closed roads.