Local Filmmaker Highlights “Hometown Heroes”

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They overcome the odds. They sacrifice for the greater good. They trade in problems for possibilities. You may know them as neighbors, coaches, colleagues, or friends. At Studio B, we honor them as Hometown Heroes, ordinary citizens whose everyday efforts strengthen the communities of Southeastern Ohio. Each has a unique story and together they inspire us to make a difference.

On this edition of Hometown Heroes on “Conversations from Studio B”, we are featuring three innovators in the field of Mental Healthcare and their focus on “Upcycling Sheltered Workshops” through what they call the “Creative Abundance Model”.

Susan Dlouhy, Patti Mitchell, and Robert Lockheed, are Hometown Heroes.

Listen to each of their interviews, below, with local filmmaker, Dr. Lynn Harter.

Susan and Patty recently celebrated the release of their book, Upcycling Sheltered Workshops which outlines their “Creative Abundance” model for sheltered workshops.

You can purchase a copy of Upcycling Sheltered Workshops from the Ohio University/Swallow Press website (, at the Little Professor Book Center on Court Street in Athens, or you can download a digital copy from the Amazon Kindle store.