Audio: New Tobacco-Free Campus Policy

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  1. New Tobacco-free Campus Policy at Ohio University and Hocking College Majd Mariam 2:19

The number of universities and colleges in Ohio going tobacco-free is on the rise. Starting on August 1st, Ohio University and Hocking College will apply new policies regarding the use of tobacco on campus. The new policies include the ban of all kinds of tobacco use, including cigarettes, cigars, pipes, oral tobacco, chewing tobacco, smokeless tobacco/snuff, and electronic cigarettes.

Both schools will prohibit the use of tobacco inside and outside buildings, sidewalks, and parking lots. The new policy will be applied to employees, students, and visitors.

“Currently the executive leadership is drawing up their boundary map that can show the tobacco free areas” Cathy Lee, tobacco free camps coordinator at Ohio University says.

Hocking College’s policy imposes a $100 fine on the second violation of the policy. The college expands its policy regarding the use of tobacco.

“The former policy was not inclusive as the new policy, the new policy includes newer things like vaping” Michelle O’Brien, communication specialist at Hocking College says.

The new policies aim to help students and employees to quit smoking and provide a healthy and productive learning and work environment.

Tobacco-free campuses policies and resources for those who want to quit are available on Ohio University and Hocking College websites.