What Came First: The Rubber Chicken or the Stuffed Chicken?

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Rubber chickens, papier-mâché chickens, stuffed chickens wearing sunglasses. All of those could be found in the poultry barn this year at the Athens County Fair except for real, live chickens. Instead, framed pictures of the exhibitor and their animal took the place of a live one in the cage, and posters were hung above the cages from one end of the barn to the other showing progressive changes the birds made over a four week period.

In the arena, Collin Jarvis was handed a scorecard and took his project book to volunteer judge Teresa Tedrow who asked basic questions like, “Is this your first year?” and “What did you need for your chickens?”

Collin, a first year exhibitor, listed a water feeder and bird feeder as some of those needed items. Tedrow marked a score and sent it to the poster judge.

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