Zane Trace Rebuilding Program Under New Coach

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Coach Dwane Hall is back and ready to transform Zane Trace.

“We are trying to put in an offense and a defense from the ground up,” Hall said. “This is something totally different than these kids have done.”

Coach Hall was the head coach for the Pioneers from 2004-2005 but stepped down due to health reasons. While Hall sung the praises of former head coach Gary Peters, he wants to modify the Pioneers’ style of play.

“We were almost tireless on setting this defense up the way we wanted to and same with the offense,” Hall said. “The offense is some of the things we’ve done in the past, but there is going to be a different guy calling it.”

On the defensive side, the Pioneers want to be flexible.

“We like to adjust week to week,” senior middle linebacker Korey Ramsay said. “Some teams just run one formation and that’s it and they run everything off of that but we run all kinds of different formations and adjust to what we need to do.”

It’s hard to be disappointed with a strong 7-3 season, however the Zane Trace Pioneers, who failed to make the playoffs in 2014, are ready to attack the Scioto Valley Conference (SVC).

“I’ve been playing with these guys since the sixth grade,” senior Truman Love said. “We’re trying to leave a legacy here and do something that’s never been done.”

In order to prepare for the SVC’s talent, Zane Trace is zoning in on its first opponent Logan Elm on Aug. 28th.

“We’re always building up to that first game,” Hall said. “We want to be in shape, we want to be physical, we want to be executing everything by that first game. Not the second game, not the third game, the first game.”