5th Annual Peace Walk Inspires People of All Faiths

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On the fourteenth anniversary of September 11th, more than 100 Athens residents and Ohio University students marched in the fifth annual Interfaith Peace Walk.

The Interfaith Peace Walk is part of the “Better Together” campaign at Ohio University. The campaign aims to mobilize college students from different faith backgrounds to engage in community service and social justice together as one unit.

“I think the walk is really important because it brings us together as an Athens community,” says Maile Orr, one of the members of the “Better Together” campaign. “Instead of letting the tragedy of 9/11 divide us, this walk unites us both mentally and physically through the act of walking together.”

Orr says Athens is small but diverse and that is something that should be celebrated.

“The walk is to promote peace among people of different beliefs, like an act of solidarity.”

The march began at the Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd and made its way through campus, passing seven of Athens’ local churches. The evening concluded with a candle light vigil at OU’s Islamic Center.

Reverend Evan Young, campus minister at United Campus Ministry, led the event.

“It’s an opportunity for faith communities to do something together and act together on beliefs they share. That’s not something that happens here a lot,” Young says.

Young feels the Interfaith Peace Walk unites people on all fronts including activism and social justice.

“Something amazing happens when you get people like that together,” says Young. “Each one of them in their own right is pretty amazing. But when you get them together, that’s when amazing really happens.”