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Photos Essay: A Day with Father Moore

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We spent a day with Father Mark Moore, a leader in the Catholic community in Athens, Ohio, and got his perspective on what Pope Francis’s visit means to Catholics in this country.

Father Mark Moore catches a few minutes of news on TV while his dog, Maggie, keeps him company. The Catholic priest is the pastor, the minister leader of a Christian congregation, of two Catholic churches in Athens County. (Jane Cowan/WOUB)
Father Moore takes a quiet moment to prepare before delivering mass. These days he uses his mobile phone to read his prayers. (Jane Cowan/WOUB)
Daily preparations on Fr. Moore’s phone. (Jane Cowan/WOUB)
Father Moore’s congregation at St. Paul’s in Athens, Ohio, exchanges the ”Peace Be With You” blessing. Fr. Moore said one thing about the Pope’s recent visit surprised him,”I knew to expect the usual banter, both political and religious, from various observers. What I didn’t realize, however, was the sense of hope he would bring to so many people.”  (Jane Cowan/WOUB)
Father Moore chats after changing out of his robes after mass. (Jane Cowan/WOUB)
Fr. Moore drives the few blocks between the rectory and the parish offices. The two churches that he is in charge of are less than a half mile away from each other. (Jane Cowan/WOUB)
Fr. Moore watches Pope Francis’s appearance at the United Nations on Friday, Sept. 25, 2015. “It was a visit to inspire hope in me and others. And I think Pope Francis did just that: inspired me to be better than I am, and work for a better world.” (Jane Cowan/WOUB)
Inside Fr. Moore’s home there are reminder’s of his faith and his dog. The sign reads “KEEP CALM AND WALK THE DOG.” (Jane Cowan/WOUB)
Fr. Moore, center, changes into plain clothes to grab a casual lunch with friends. (Jane Cowan/WOUB)
Fr. Moore finishes lunch at O’Betty’s Red Hot before returning to one of his parishes to perform the rest of the days duties, including nightly mass, on Friday, Sept. 25, 2015. (Jane Cowan/WOUB)