Ohio University Senior Is Already a Full-fledged Entrepreneur

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Michael “Alex” Geiser is a senior in the College of Business at Ohio University and he already has launched one start-up company and he is working on a second.

Last year he created Cubic LLC, a cell phone accessory. During Start Up Week at Ohio University, he and a team developed a protective armor case for cell phones. For his work, he was named a finalist for the 2014 Student Entrepreneur of the Year competition at the university.

This year, he is working on a new product called Smart Headband.

During a conversation with WOUB’s Tom Hodson, Alex explained his products and the opportunities for student entrepreneurs at the university.

Several students at Ohio University have already experienced unprecedented success in entrepreneurial development due to resources available here, according to Geiser.

Several entities on campus focus on student engagement in innovation. Those include the Center for Entrepreneurship, the Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs, the Scripps College of Communication, the Russ College of Engineering, the College of Fine Arts and the Ohio University Innovation Center.

These collective efforts extend beyond the classroom to include events, competitions, mentoring and entrepreneurial education.

Geiser is undecided about his plans after graduation but he assures WOUB that he is not finished with his innovation activities.