Nelsonville Votes Down Electric/Gas Aggregation, Local Governments Welcome New Leaders

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Results in Athens County ranged from “no” votes on property maintenance and aggregation in Nelsonville to a reduced council in Trimble and new elected officials.

The Athens City Council had two Democratic and one non-party winners. Peter Kotses (27 percent), Jennifer Cochran (25 percent), and Patrick C. McGee (23 percent).

The City of Nelsonville Electric Aggregation and the City of Nelsonville Gas Aggregation were both rejected and will not be passed within the next year. Nelsonville’s streets, roads and bridges renewal levy was passed winning 58 percent of the vote.

The City of Nelsonville referendum for property standards was not passed with 61 percent of the vote voting no.

The Nelsonville City Council winners are Taylor Sappington, Ed Mash, and Gregory Smith, beating out Gregg Clement and Fred R. Holmes. The Nelsonville Board of Education winners are David Kline, Earnest O. Perkins, and Steve Berry, defeating Daniel McDonald and Cliff Warren.

The cemetery maintenance levy and fire protection levy were both passed in Rome Township.

The Trimble Council size reduction ordinance was voted 100 percent yes and the Trimble street repair levy was passed with 100 percent also.

A fire protection levy and road maintenance renewal levy were both passed in Troy Township and Waterloo Township.

John Hutchison won the Alexander Board of Education beating out Patrick L. Lawson and Ralph Harvey, Sr. with 46 percent of the vote.

Ames Township Replacement Cemetery Maintenance Levy passed with 73 percent of the vote.

Ames Township Trustee winner is Lyle Fuller winning 41 percent of the three-way vote with Andrew Slayers falling shortly behind with 39 percent.

The Bern Township cemetery replacement levy which would produce more money for the county passed winning 62% of the vote.

David Bennett won Trustee of Bern Township with 57 percent of the vote defeating Danny Simmons.

Buchtel Village Current Expenses Renewal Levy was passed with 63 percent and Buchtel Village Electric Aggregation was also passed with 52 percent of the vote.

Canaan Township 0.5-million Road Maintenance Levy and two-million Road Maintenance Levy were both passed.

Russell Halbirt is now Trustee of Canaan Township beating out Michael Yandrich with 63% of the total vote.

Carthage Township Fiscal Officer was won by Dorothy L. Cox in a tight race against Gayle Buckley, winning 51 percent of the vote and Buckley falling shortly with only 49 percent of the vote.

Earl E. Cox is now Carthage Township Trustee winning 45 percent of the vote defeating Ranson Calaway and Tim Knopp.

Curtis Rood is now the mayor of Coolville village winning 51 percent of the vote and defeating Rose Tyman and Jodie S. Taylor.

The Glouster Board of Trustees of Public Affairs picked up two winners in Tim Sikorski and Joseph Keith Sikorski, beating out Thomas A. Hooper.

Miles Wolf won Glouster mayor with 72 percent of the vote, defeating Robert H. Funk, Jr.

The Glouster police protection levy was passed with 60 percent voting for its acceptance.

Sandra E. Gyure (48 percent) and Gregory Sikorski (42 percent) are the two winning candidates for Glouster Village Council with Martha Funk falling shortly behind.

A write-in candidate was the winner of Jacksonville Mayor race. Incumbent mayor Tony McNickle was the only announced write-in candidate.

The Lodi Township current expenses renewal levy was passed with 69 percent of the vote in favor.

Jonetta Niggemeyer won 51 percent of the vote in the Lodi Township fiscal officer race defeating Rhonda J. Meeks.

A five-person ballot for the Lodi township trustee race was won by Albert Shorty Hawk winning 36 percent of the vote.

Jeff Cale won the race for Rome Township trustee with Larry McVey and Donald W. Poston falling shortly behind.

The York Township cemetery operation levy was passed with 51 percent of the vote.

Kevin McCulloch is York Township trustee, beating out Mike Freer and Thomas Riccardi with 45 percent of the vote.