Suspicious Note About ‘Violent Act’ Found On OU Campus

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A note mentioning a “violent act” has been found on campus, though the risk to campus is low, according to Ohio University Police Chief Andrew Powers.

Powers released a statement Wednesday morning stating that a “suspicious note” with today’s day was found in a public restroom on campus. He did not go into detail about what the threat entailed.

“The note did not specify a location or individual or group of people,” Powers wrote in the release. “Police are investigating the origins of the note and believe there is very low risk to the campus at this time.”

Powers went on to state the not “contained no specific threat against Ohio University,” but asked that students and employees remain attentive and observant to their surroundings. He also asked that anything suspicious be reported to OUPD at (740) 593-1911.

The notice to the public was an effort to increase awareness about heightened security, Powers stated.

“As world events progress, security surrounding events on campus will likely be heightened in the interest of public and campus safety,” Powers wrote. “For example, if you attended last night’s football game, you may have noticed increased police presence and additional safety measures.  “