Representatives from Lifeline Ohio Talk about Organ and Tissue Donation

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Host Kelly Martin talks with Jessica Peterson, marketing and public relations coordinator for Lifeline Ohio, and Pam Brown, instructor at Ohio University, about the process and importance of organ donation.

Only 1% of people die in a way that allows them to be an organ donor. Many people don’t know how to become organ donators or believe that they might not be eligible because of illnesses or other factors.

They discuss who can donate, what types of organs and tissues can be donated and the importance to recipients.

Pam Brown talks about her experience when her 9-year-old daughter Emma went into sudden liver failure. Her daughter, who is 18 now, received a liver transplant and is now working to advocate and is working on House Bill #137 that would provide information to school-age kids about organ and tissue donation.

See a story featuring Pam Brown and her husband, Jeff and daughter Emma.