Vinton County Lady Vikings: Dec. 6-12

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Vinton County coach, Rodney Bentley stresses the importance of learning to play on the road, identifying each key player on the opposing team, and conquering each game as if it were a new test. According to Bentley, the girls’ basketball team lacked these skills when they took to the court on Dec. 10 to compete against Warren.

Senior Michaela Puckett had an admirable performance in Bentley’s eyes, however her 24 points that she put on the scoreboard were not enough to win the game. The Lady Vikings left the court with a 62-48 loss.

“We have to learn how to play on the road. Each game is a new test and we need to be better prepared for next time,” Bentley emphasized.

Two days later, Vinton County took to the road again to compete in the Lady Rockets Classic on Dec. 12. Bentley recalled the team walking on to the court with a different type of energy.

“The defensed had improved and they were able to recognize top players from the opposing team. We won 48-39,” Bentley explained.

Bentley attributed part of the victory to the three 3-pointers sophomore Darian Radabaugh made in the first quarter. Bentley thought it was the just what the team needed to get a head start against Eastern.

Senior Jalen Hale helped to keep the lead for the Vikings. Her 15 points, 11 rebounds and four blocks earned her game MVP.

“Overall, both offensive and defensive performances had improved for the game, which helped us win,” Bentley said.

Bentley looks to have a winning season. The improvement has already been noticeable and he believes it can only continue. The Lady Vikings travel to Meigs on Dec. 14. They then host Wellston on Dec. 17.