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Ohio Alumna’s Book Gives Career Tips for Mid-Career and Late-Career Boomers

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Beverly E. Jones, an Ohio University alumna, WOUB Blogger, and career coach, gives specific tips to help mid-career people and “Baby Boomers” who might be seeking a second or third career late in life.

The tips are arranged in “50 Indispensable Tips” as part of her new book Think Like and Entrepreneur, Act Like a CEO published in January by Career Press.

Jones says that often mid-career people feel stagnated and in the “doldrums” while on-the-job. Their careers need to be jumpstarted. She addresses some of their concerns in chapters like “Don’t Be Sabotaged by Your Own Frustrations” and “How to Love Your Work Again.”

She warns that mid-career employees should not scoff at new technologies or social media but instead embrace new forms of communication. She suggests that mid-career people should not run from change or be afraid of it. That is a sure-fire way of being overlooked on the job or minimized, Jones says.

Jones’ book also gives tips for retiring “Baby Boomers” who are trying to re-invent themselves for new careers later in life. She is encouraging of them and outlines some easy steps for them to follow for career satisfaction later in life.

Recently, Jones talked with WOUB’s Tom Hodson and described in detail some of her tips and philosophies of the workplace.

In addition to her new book, Jones’ career blog regularly appears at