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Career Tips and Advice for all Stages and All Ages – Provided by a Career Coach

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Each stage of a career-early, mid-career, and retirement bring unique problems and issues that are addressed specifically by career consultant Beverly Jones.
Jones is an attorney, an executive coach, an author, a blogger and a podcaster. She works with people at all stages of their careers to help them traverse the ever-changing landscapes of the workplace.
Beverly is the author of the book Think Like an Entrepreneur Act Like a CEO – 50 Indispensable Tips to Help you Stay Afloat, Bounce Back and Get Ahead at Work and she hosts the podcast Jazzed About Work, available through Apple Podcasts, Google Play and on the NPR Podcast Directory.
Often she advises millennials just entering the workplace about when it’s time to move from one job to the next and how not to sacrifice a private life for a career. She also gives tips on networking – what it is and what it should never be.
For those in the mid-career doldrums, she suggests that they find a new challenge either in private life or on-the-job…something new to learn and master. She suggests that development of new skills will not only make life more rewarding but it often can boost a career at the same time.
She also spends a significant amount of her professional time advising new retirees. Often they are looking for new challenges or new careers and Beverly guides them through various exercises to allow them the freedom to try new things and to challenge themselves even at an advanced age.
She is a strong proponent of that there should be “fun” in every day of life and new challenges often produce that element of fun.