Start-up Companies Go Through Intake System to be Admitted to the Ohio University Innovation Center

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If a company or an entrepreneur would like to share space and resources within the Innovation Center, they must first talk with Lauren McCullough, the Client Service Coordinator and go through a rigorous intake system.

She will ask questions to determine if there is a tangible need or problem to be solved and whether this company’s or entrepreneur’s idea meets the need or solves the problem. She often gives the applicant homework to come back with specific answers to a set of questions about potential users for the product and potential markets.

It may take between six months and a year before a young, start-up company may be admitted to the Ohio University Innovation Center.
Once McCullough is satisfied that the applicant has adequate answers to the questions posed, the company or the entrepreneur makes a presentation before a committee of Innovation Center officials and a decision is made whether to admit the company.

Once the company is admitted to the Innovation Center, it can share space with others, share conference facilities and share support of a diverse staff of executives and entrepreneurs. The average stay at the Innovation Center is from three to five years.

McCullough works directly with the various startup companies to provide them with mentoring and support services from ideation to market entry.

McCullough explained the intake system and market validation to WOUB’s Tom Hodson.

She comes to the Innovation Center with experience across sections with various non-profit and public agencies including the U.S. Department of State and the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections.

McCullough is a graduate of the Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs where she received her Master’s Degree in Public Administration.