Meigs Dominates Nelsonville-York

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The Nelsonville-York Buckeyes just couldn’t hold onto the ball, leading to a 65-39 loss to the Meigs Marauders.

The Buckeyes combined for 28 turnovers. The turnovers were often due to forced passes or the relentless Meigs press. Meigs would score and attack the inbound pass, causing the ball to skirt away to a Meigs player for an open bucket. The Marauders would often do this three or four times consecutively to run out Nelsonville-York.

Aside from turnovers, the Buckeyes just seemed confused on the court. Players didn’t seem to be on the same page with plays and oftentimes just stood still when not having the ball which led to only four offensive rebounds in the first half. Buckeyes coach Jay Kline would have to physically point out to his players where to stand, ruining any offensive momentum coming on a play.

Shooting wise, the Buckeyes were down again. The Buckeyes were 2-16 from behind-the-arc. Most of the Buckeyes’ shots came from being wide open or shots from directly under the basket.

Kaileb Sheets’ nine points and three steals were his game totals after not playing for the majority of the second half. Meigs funneled in bench players throughout the final three quarters. The leading scorer for the Marauders, T.J. Williams, scored 13 points off the bench. Dillon Mahr led Meigs off the bench with five steals.

Meigs (17-3) has one more regular season game remaining. The Marauders will be away at Vinton on Saturday before beginning a postseason run on Wednesday against Logan Elm.

Nelsonville-York (6-15) also has one more game in the regular season, a conference matchup at Athens. The Buckeyes will start the postseason on Wednesday against Ironton.