Scripps College of Communication awarded $878,000 for “Immersive Media Initiative”

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The Scripps College of Communication was awarded $878,000 by the Ohio University Innovation Strategy program for an “Immersive Media Initiative”.

The initiative will be centered out of the Game Research and Immersive Design (GRID) Lab in the Scripps College of Communication and the Principal Investigator for the project is John Bowditch, director of the GRID Lab and an instructor in the School of Media Arts & Studies.

The proposal states that it will work to develop a program for students to become skilled leaders in immersive media, especially virtual and augmented reality. The GRID Lab has acquired new space in Scripps Hall in the fall of 2015 which is specifically designed for this initiative and will provide several million dollars worth of gear, processes, intellectual property and award winning scholars and partnerships for this project.

Co-Investigators on the team are: Jennifer Simon, Innovation Center; Christopher France, Psychology; Lynn Harter, School of Communication Studies and the Barbara Geralds Institute for Storytelling and Social Impact; Eric Williams, School of Media Arts & Studies; Josh Antonuccio, School of Media Arts & Studies; Mark Brewer, WOUB Center for Public Media; Tom Hodson, WOUB Center for Public Media; Seann Dikkers, Education Studies; Michael Braasch, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science; James Thomas, Rehabilitation and Communication Sciences; Brian Clark, COM Biomedical Sciences; and Stephanie Howe, Voinovich School.

Dr. Angela Hosek, assistant professor and public speaking course director in the School of Communication Studies, was also on a winning proposal for “Academic Innovation Accelerator” with Principal Investigator Bradley Cohen, the senior vice provost for instructional innovation. The proposal will allow faculty to pursue pilot projects in academic innovation and was awarded $924,000.

Read the full funding announcement by clicking here.