Studying Fingerprints to Better Understand Disease

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In this episode of Conversations of Studio B, host Kelee Riesbeck welcomes Molly Morris to discuss her research at Ohio University.

Molly Morris was going about doing her usual research, using fish to study the evolution of sexual reproduction and how biological diversity is maintained. Morris, a professor of biological sciences in the Department of Biological Sciences, was also continuing her work in studying fluctuating asymmetry in fishes, the idea that any creature’s departure from being perfectly symmetrical could be a way to tell how well that creature can cope with genetic and environmental stress. She combined her expertise in these two areas to embark on a new quest, one that will shed light on fundamental questions related to obesity and type 2 diabetes starting with fingerprints. Yes, fingerprints. Have palm readers been on to something all along? Listen to Kelee Riesbeck’s interview the Morris to find out.