Ohio University students march down Court Street in Athens, Ohio, in 2014 as part of the “Take Back the Night” rally. The annual march supports a national movement to protest against rape and other forms of sexual violence. Photo by Ohio University/Jonathan Adams, MA ’13.

Studying Bystander Intervention Program Practices

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Reducing the number of sexual assault cases on college and university campuses has been top-of-mind for higher ed leaders, as revealed most recently by the events at Baylor College. Ryan Shorey, assistant professor of psychology at Ohio University, sat down with WOUB radio host Kelee Riesbeck to talk about his current study aimed at learning if intervention programs work better when administered alone or combined with other sexual assault reduction programs. Shorey gives a general overview of these programs and unpacks terms like rape myth acceptance and bystander/social norms. Shorey’s goal? To help inform programs that reduce these harmful behaviors on college campuses and beyond.