Gladden House Sessions 2016: Fruit Bats

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Check out this final episode of Gladden House Sessions starring Eric D. Johnson of the Fruit Bats.

Fruit Bats is an indie folk band that formed in 1997 in the Chicago area. Fruit Bats consists of five members: frontman Eric D. Johnson, Sam Wagster, Ron Lewis, Graeme Gibson and Christopher Sherman. They have released six albums since 2001, with their most recent, Absolute Loser, hitting shelves earlier this year. Absolute Loser is perhaps the most honest Fruit Bats album; crafted after a two-year hiatus, following a string of personal tragedies in Eric D. Johnson’s life.

For their set, the Fruit Bats decided to go for a more acoustic approach, and Eric D. Johnson took the stage as a solo artist. As the rain poured down, everyone gathered on stage, making this the most intimate set of the year. Johnson started off with the song “Baby Bluebird” off of their new album Absolute Loser. The next two songs were off of The Ruminant Band album, including “Singing Joy to the World” and “Beautiful Morning Light.” Finally, Johnson closed with “Seaweed” off of their 2003 album Mouthfuls. It’s safe to say that despite the rain, this was one of the must see sets in this year’s Gladden House Sessions, making it the perfect one to close on.