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Athens Police Investigating Two More Alleged Sex Offenses

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Investigations are ongoing into two new reports of alleged sex offenses in Athens.

The Athens Police Department said two women came to police in the last week, one reporting having been raped and the other claiming sexual assault by an individual she knew.

The alleged sexual assault was reported to have occurred at about 2:30 a.m. Friday, when a 22-year-old female told police she had been sexually assaulted in the south Athens area, according to a report by police.

A 19-year-old female reported that she had been raped on Thursday afternoon by a known individual on the east side of Athens.

No other information was released about the two alleged incidents, but police reports stated the investigations were still ongoing.

These follow multiple alleged sexual offenses reported to both the Athens Police Department and the Ohio University Police Department over the summer.

Recently, OUPD opened an investigation into a report that a woman was offered money for sex on campus. That case is still ongoing as well.


These cases come as police are still searching for an alleged serial sex offender in the Athens area.

Phenotype Serial Rapist_ featured imagePolice gave a sketch and then a computer image of a man they believe committed three sex offenses, one from June 2006, another from June 2015 and another from December 2015.

Athens Police Chief Tom Pyle said DNA testing had been used to connect the three cases. The cases all happened “under similar circumstances,” Pyle said of the cases.

The females were reportedly walking home alone from the uptown area early in the morning when they were approached by the suspect.

Police have not said they believe the most recent cases are connected to the serial sex offense investigation.