Dr. Alex Dehgan Solves World Environmental and Conservation Problems

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Dr. Alex Dehgan, a world renowned entrepreneur, expedition leader, diplomat and development official — specializing in creative science, technology and leadership — recently visited Ohio University’s Voinovich School and Environmental Science Program.
Dr. Dehgan specializes in innovative approaches to solving global conservation and environmental challenges. He has had experience in 90 counties and 6 continents.
He talked about the use of innovation and entrepreneurship to solve global conservation and development issues.
Dr. Dehgan recently founded a new company, Conservation X Labs, that is using ground-breaking high tech approaches to solving long-time problems across the globe.
While serving as Chief Scientist for the US Agency for International Development (USAID), he founded and grew the Office of Science Technology into a $100 million research program in just four years.
He also served, during his career, as the Country Director for Wildlife Conservation Society’s Afghanistan Biodiversity Conservation Program. In that country, he helped create the first national park, established biodiversity conservation laws and curtailed illegal wildlife trade.
While in Athens, Dr. Dehgan spoke with WOUB’s Tom Hodson about the conservation and environmental problems we face and why it takes creative approaches to solve them.