Morgan Washam and his band, Blood Moon, will perform tomorrow at the Markay Cultural Arts Center as a part of a fundraising effort for both the Markay and the Jackson County Homelessness Committee’s food bank. (

Morgan Washam and More Fight Homelessness In Jackson

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Appalachia-based singer-songwriter Morgan Washam and his band, Blood Moon, will perform at the Markay Cultural Arts Center tomorrow as a part of a benefit event for the Jackson County Homelessness Committee’s food bank.

“One hundred percent of the proceeds from the show will go right back into feeding the theatre and the arts community in Jackson,” said Washam, a longtime member of regional rock act Peach Melba. Last year Washam released his solo debut, entitled Blood Moon. Washam said that every person who brings at least five non-perishables to the concert will receive a CD copy of his first album.

“When I released it last year, there was an actual lunar eclipse on the date of the release – September 28,” said Washam. “I had all these songs that I had written over the past 15 years, and a lot of them had the theme of change throughout them. They had to do with change in life; change politically; change in society – and the blood moon is an omen of change, historically.”

Since the dissolution of Peach Melba in the early ‘00s, Washam has been involved on a pretty regular basis with getting young people interested in the arts – something that he takes quite seriously.

“I’d like to see more (artistic) opportunities for youth in the area develop,” said Washam. “With the development of the technology we have now, it’s easier than ever before for students to get involved with art.”

Washam is currently working on another full-length album, which he hopes will be unveiled this spring.

“I feel like Blood Moon was darker album, and this album will definitely be more upbeat,” said Washam. “I don’t think the new album will be lacking in soul, or anything, but it will be more upbeat in general — maybe a little more southern rock ‘n’ roll than Blood Moon was.”

Doors for the event open at 7 p.m. Tickets are $20 pre-sale and $22 at the door. You can purchase tickets online here or call the Walnut Hills Neighborhood Box Office at 740-577-3841.