Unofficial Election Results for Fairfield County

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The unofficial tally for County Commissioner shows Dave Levacy winning against Tammy D. Drobina 25,717 to 40,333 votes.

Voters in Pleasantville Villiage seem to be in favor of renewing both tax levies, one for operating expenses and the other for parks and recreation.

Sugar Grove Villiage’s tax levy for operating expenses also appears to have passed.

While Hocking Township’s additional Tax Levy for firefighters lost by a small margin of 45 votes, the Basil Joint Fire District’s Levy won by a large margin, 2834 for and 1507 against.

All school district levies in Fairfield County seem to have passed, except for the Amanda-Clearcreek School District’s proposed income tax renewal.

Numbers are showing that voters are not in favor of Madison Township’s additional levy for roads and bridges.

The Central Ohio Transit Authority’s continued sales and use tax appears to be winning by over 1,000 votes.

The Pataskala Public Library Tax Levy seems to have lost narrowly.

According to results from the board of elections, all petitioners regarding liquor sales in Fairfield County have passed.