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Alum Rob Painter Talks Career, Security, His Work with Google & Leadership

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Rob Painter, an Ohio University alumnus, specializes in investments in companies that solve challenges in national security and high growth markets such as cyber security, data science, sensor technology and new space technologies.

He was the Chief Technologist and Senior Manager for Google Federal working to apply Google solutions to a myriad of issues confronting the Intelligence, Defense and Homeland Securities agencies of the federal government.

He also sought new technologies that would assist various segments of our nation’s security entities.

Additionally, he has used his high-tech background to assist law enforcement especially in drug interdiction.

Painter has been the lead on several successful ventures including Google Earth and Google Sketchup.

He is an entrepreneur and venture capitalist with Ohio University degrees in Geography and Computer Science.

During a visit to Ohio University, Painter talked with WOUB about his career and his work. He discusses the many uses of technology in security and his personal views about cyber privacy. He also talks about the impact that technology has in our daily lives.

Painter outlines for listeners the leadership attributes that are necessary to navigate in a technological age. In addition to high tech skills and knowledge, he says that leaders must be able to “give back” to society.

He looks for those qualities of service when he evaluates entrepreneurs and developers of innovations. He is a firm believer in the concept of not just “taking” from society and the business but contributing in a generous way.