Audio: A Christmas Carol and Gift of the Magi

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Listen to the all time classic Christmas tale A Christmas Carol, produced by WOUB Public Media.

This audiobook uses the unabridged version of this story taken from the Project Gutenberg site. You can view or download the text here.

Joe Balding – Scrooge, Choir
Amanda Bosley – Scrooge’s Sister
Marvin Bowman – First Businessman
Christian Chan – Peter Cratchit, Soloist
Karen M. Chan – Narrator, Director
Christopher Coleman – Ghost of Christmas Present, Choir, Soloist
Christina Dalesandry – Mrs. Cratchit
Kit DeBerry – Artist
Patricia Elisar – The Charwoman
Matthew Gabel – Audio Assistant
Bryan Gibson – Third Businessman
Steve Haskins – Marley’s Ghost, Old Joe
Kevin S. Kunz – Fred, Choir, Soloist
David Kurz – Belle’s Husband, Producer
Rachel Luce – Cratchit Child
Ron Luce – Bob Cratchit
Nicki Mazzocca – Mrs. Fezziwig
Yoko Mori Harpist – (Koto), Sound Designer
Christine Neumann – Party Guest, Choir
Randy Norris – Audio Engineer
Leslie Palumbo – Niece, Choir
Nikos Pappas – Fiddler
Laura Parrotti – The Laundress, Mrs. Dilber
Rebekah Roediger – Cratchit Child
Thaddaeus Roediger – Tiny Tim
Tawna Rogers – Niece, Sister, Choir
Christina Salerno – Belle
Tim Sharp Fourth – Businessman
Kerry Sill – Ghost of Christmas Past
Nick Sill – Turkey Boy
Terrence J. Smith – Fezziwig
Jessica Street – Martha
Linda Watkins – Plump Sister, Choir
David Whealey – Second Businessman

Also, listen to an audio performance of Gift of the Magi, whose text was taken from the Project Gutenberg website and can be viewed here.