Buckeyes Improve with Late Wins

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The Lady Buckeyes had a tough week on the road with two consecutive away games.

The girls took on South High School Tuesday night, dominating in a 49-26 win over the Lady Rebels.

Nelsonville-York Head coach Bob Cassady said that Sam Taylor and the rest of the team’s defensive rebounding was the reason the Lady Buckeyes were able to limit South to just 26 points on the road. It was a team effort, however; as junior Jessie Addis scored 16 and Mary Kate McCulloch scored nine of the Lady Buckeyes’ 49 points against South.

The next night, saw a match-up between the Lady Buckeyes and Newark’s Lady Wildcats that ultimately ended in N-Y’s second loss of the season. The 57-39 loss was not without teamwork from the Lady Buckeyes. Camrin Dupler contributed 16 points, and Addis and Taylor each contributed 10 points to N-Y’s 39 game points.

Newark dominated the rebounds and made it difficult for the Lady Buckeyes to make clean shots and have good passing angles. Despite some work the girls might need to put in offensively, Coach Cassady complimented the attitude and effort that his players bring to practice every day, win or loss.

“The long trip back to back days might have had some effect, but I did not see it. I thought we played hard up to the very end, and was happy with our effort,” said Cassady after two away games this week.

The Lady Buckeye’s will travel to River Valley for their next match up on January 5th.

For the boys, the Buckeyes picked up two victories this week, starting Wednesday at Federal Hocking.

N-Y won the season series against the Lancers in a 71-37 victory, after beating Federal Hocking both on Wednesday and in their first game of the season.

Aron Davis and Hunter Edwards contributed a combined 36 points for the Buckeyes’ 71 overall points. The game was a blow-out, with a 30-4 lead at one point in the game. Teamwork and rebounding was the crucial key to lead the Buckeyes to a landslide win.

On Friday, the Buckeyes traveled to Southern to take on the Tornadoes. The matchup resulted in a 70-58 Nelsonville-York victory.

The game got off to a slow start, as the Buckeyes were caught off guard by Southern’s triangle defense. The opposing defense, a strategy to try and take out N-Y top scorers Davis and Edwards, resulted in other players stepping up to score and get them on the scoreboard.

Nelsonville York Head Coach Jay Kline was forced to call multiple timeouts to reorganize the offense and the rest of his team.

But the Buckeyes got it together and took a second half rally to lead their team to a decent third straight Buckeye win. Despite Southern’s defense, Edwards contributed 21 points, and Davis had 20 points of N-Y’s 70 game points.

Kline is happy with where the team is and how they are playing this season, and says it is evident in their progress so far this year.

“I told the guys we needed to play harder and that started on the defensive end, and that’s resulted in this win streak,” says Kline.

The Buckeyes look to continue on their win streak when they take on Belpre in the new year.