Nelsonville-York Buckeyes: Dec. 28- Jan. 3

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Things didn’t get much better for the Nelsonville-York Buckeyes as they suffered their fourth consecutive loss to Trimble 75-57.

On Tuesday night, Christian Berry and Aron Davis were left to defend the team against Bryce Guthrie, who used his height advantage early in the game to find an open man.

Nelsonville-York coach Jay Kline was impressed with how both Berry and Davis played.

“Give them credit, they did a good job of attacking that spot, and Guthrie did a good job of kicking the ball back out to their shooters,” Kline said.

The new year didn’t give the Buckeyes any luck after another loss to Fairfield Christian Academy 72-51.

The Knights broke away in the second quarter sweeping away the Buckeyes 39-26 by halftime.


The score board showed a loss for the Buckeyes, but coach Kline saw it as a chance for improvement.

“We sometimes aren’t quite where we want to be yet and we are going to keep working at it game by game,” Kline added.

Hunter Edwards led Nelsonville-York in scoring 21 points, followed by Aron Davis with 12 points.

The Buckeyes will travel to a tough Meigs High School to hopefully end their losing streak on Jan. 8th.