Anti-Trumper John Kasich To Doubters: I’m No Lame Duck

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COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — The past year’s been a roller coaster for Ohio Gov. John Kasich. He went from being an “adult-in-the-room” alternative to the Republican presidential field to a potential convention spoiler in Cleveland to now facing a hostile new president he did not support.

That’s left many wondering whether Kasich’s political star and personal influence have faded.

The governor has re-emerged in recent weeks after a period of retreat that followed a painful decision to drop out of the presidential race.

The 64-year-old Republican has gone against legislative Republicans with several vetoes and resumed his public schedule in Ohio. He’s also scheduled appearances in Atlanta and Washington over the next week.

Kasich says he’s no lame duck. Observers say staying engaged keeps him positioned for whatever comes next for national Republicans.