Waterford Lady Wildcats Prevail Against Trimble Lady Tomcats

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The Trimble Lady Tomcats lost to the Waterford Lady Wildcats for the second time this season. However, the second time is the charm as the Tomcats closed the gap and showed improvement in all areas the second go around. The Tomcats nearly tripled their point total from the first game to the second. The final score tonight was 51-24.

Throughout the game, the Lady Tomcats remained resilient and continued to play with intensity regardless of the score. Trimble started the game off slow, but picked up the pace and put on some pressure forcing a turnover early in the second quarter topped with scoring a three-pointer. With one minute left in the second quarter, the Lady Tomcats held the Lady Wildcats within 10 points at 24-14.

Sydney Hardy led the team with 10 points, followed by Breanna Brammer with four points. The Lady Tomcats were going to the basket with confidence and throwing long passes to get down the court, but their downfall was the 24 turnovers they gave up compared to the 15 Waterford gave up. Waterford was quick on their feet stealing the ball 14 times and capitalized on these putting the ball into the hoop. Alli Kern and Megan Ball lead in points and steals for Waterford.

Crisp passes, constant movement off the ball, and quick charges to the basket exposed Trimble’s 2-3 zone defense and allowed for the Lady Wildcats to keep possession. The Lady Tomcats were only able to score one point off a free-throw with 1:21 left in the third quarter. They bounced back to score five points in the first two minutes of the fourth quarter, but ultimately the Lady Wildcats dominated and took home the win.

Trimble is now 4-10 overall and 2-7 in their conference.

Despite the loss, the Lady Tomcats show potential for more improvement as they go into their game against Wahama on Feb. 23.