Nelsonville-York Buckeyes Fall Short Against Alexander Spartans

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The Alexander Spartans (10-8) muscled their way to a 55-42 win over the Nelsonville-York Buckeyes (9-9), with the help of Spartans top scorer, Chace Harris, scoring 26 points.

“Chace is very consistent. He’s a big, strong, athletic kid, and he’s been struggling the past few games. But, tonight he really fixed himself,” Coach Jim Kearns explained. Chace not only had luck with shooting tonight, but collected six rebounds, four being offensive.

The Buckeyes zone defense did not work for them tonight. The Spartans had too much height on them and ended up dominating when it came to rebounds. Alexander played Nelsonville-York about three weeks ago and had practiced working with a zone defense this week to outrun the other team tonight. Nelsonville-York’s Aron Davis scored 13 points tonight and got eight rebounds, but ended up getting frustrated by the second half.

“After that first fake we just stayed grounded, kept balance and didn’t over commit that way he wouldn’t go to the foul line,” said Coach Kerns

The second quarter is when Nelsonville-York started playing much better defense and offense, keeping the Spartans from putting only 11 more points on the scoreboard. Alexander started to foul towards the end of the first half, giving the Buckeyes a chance to make seven total foul shots.

In the second half, Nelsonville-York gave the Spartans a run for the money with the score being 51-37 with 3:10 to go in the fourth quarter. However, their inconsistency throughout the game cost them. Chace Harris helped with the missed shots of his teammates multiple times by reshooting and making the 2-pointers, keeping the lead.

Nelsonville-York’s top player, Hunter Edwards, did not play as much as usual tonight because he was getting over being sick and he did not give his all which made an impact on the final score, leading to the Spartans victory. The game got close at the very end, but there was not enough time for Nelsonville-York to pull off a win.

The Nelsonville-York Buckeyes’ next chance to recover themselves will be against the Miller Falcons Saturday, Feb. 4. Meanwhile, the Alexander Spartans will also play on Feb. 4 against the Marietta Tigers as they hope to keep the wins rolling.