Violated Free Speech Wall

Opinions On President Trump’s Latest Executive Order

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This morning someone spray painted over the Sanctuary graffiti on the Free Speech Wall located on Ohio University’s campus. The message: A Make America Great Again acronym and a quote from Ronald Reagan.

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Repainted Free Speech Wall

The quote reads “A Nation That Cannot Control Its Borders Is Not A Nation.” Meanwhile the Free Speech Wall is repainted but the marks are still visible.

Bailey Stein opposes stricter border enforcement and is a member of the International Socialist Organization in Athens. Stein is disappointed in President Trump’s immigration policy and especially the Executive Order.

“I don’t think that any human being should be considered as illegal – no matter what country they come from,” she said. “And I think that it’s a blame attack on these particular countries. But I don’t think it’s affecting these countries as much as it is affecting the people who are already here and the families who are affected by this.”

President Trump’s latest Executive Order is already effecting several international students at Ohio University. The Executive Order bans citizens from seven countries from entering the United States for 90 days. This action has brought on protests across the nation and abroad.

But, there are also many people who support President Trump’s move. Olivia D. is a member of the OU College Republicans and says she sees the benefits of the Executive Order. She perceives it as a preventative measure to keep terrorism out of the country.

“I don’t think like everyone is saying it’s a Muslim ban – but it’s not,” she said. “If it was a Muslim ban then we would have countries like Turkey and Egypt on the list because those have really high Muslim populations. But it’s not that – it’s countries that have known ties with terrorist organizations.”

The countries listed on the United States ban include Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen.

Tomorrow there will be a rally against President Trump’s immigration policy and for Ohio University to be a Sanctuary campus. The rally will take place at the Athens Courthouse at 4 pm.