Eastern Eagles One Step Closer to Regionals

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The tension was high, fans were roaring, coaches were screaming. Only at the beginning of the game was it ever close, but the Lady Eagles lead 11-4 at the end of the first quarter and wouldn’t look back, cruising into district finals with a 67-45 victory.

The ladies were very physical, leaving marks on each other. Jess Parker of the Lady Eagles finished the game with a bruised cheek. However, she did leave her mark on the court, dropping a total of 14 points and five rebounds.

But Parker wasn’t the star of tonight. In fact, no one really was. Both Laura Pullins and Elizabeth had a double-double, Pullins with 22 points and 16 rebounds, Collins with 19 points and 10 rebounds.

Even though they had a significant loss, the Lady Tigers made out with a couple high scorers. Mariah Buckley had 22 points and Ali Hamilton had 13. Needless to say, the Lady Tigers had a great night considering the outcome.

With a 30-9 lead heading into the third, Eastern was showing no mercy. Multiple breakaways for Pullins, and a huge charge by Alyson Bailey. Coach Jacob Parker was ecstatic.

“A charge is the most unselfish play, so if a player is willing to sacrifice their body to take that charge, that’s going to excite me an awful lot,” said Coach Parker.

Everyone came out to support these two teams. Even some of the boys from Eastern showed up. Hype for this game, all the ladies came out stronger than ever, holding each other to zero points two and a half minutes into the game.

The Glenwood fans were silenced as Eastern climbed and stretched the lead to more than 10 in the third quarter. The Lady Eagles ended up wiping the floor with the Lady Titans as they had total domination in the final quarter.

The Lady Eagle will take on Notre Dame next Thursday at 6:15 p.m. at Jackson High School in the district final at Jackson High School.