Making a Pledge on Athens’ Arbor Day/Earth Day

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ATHENS, Ohio –The Office of Sustainability at Ohio University held its joint Arbor Day/Earth Day celebration Wednesday morning as part of its effort to encourage sustainability.

IMG_1103 (1)Aside from learning about the importance of trees and the environment, organizers offered solar-baked “kitchen sink” cookies and a free herb or spice plant for those who stopped by the Walter Hall lawn tables – and – if they pledged to work for a sustainable community.

Some pledges included, biking more and driving less, and using less water.

People – Prosperity – Planet

Kristeena Blaser, tree-care coordinator for the Office of Sustainability, said events like these help people pay more attention to trees and the importance of them in their lives.

“People are just unaware of the effect that they have on the planet,” she said. “I think it’s awesome to have a day that we give back, or we give thanks or we plant trees and just show appreciation to what Mother Earth gives us.”

Making the planet a better place

A tree on the Walter Hall lawn has it's roots mapped out by the campus landscape coordinator
A tree on the Walter Hall lawn has it’s roots mapped out by the campus landscape coordinator

Student Reporting Coordinator Mira Cooper, who helped put the event together, said the Arbor Day/Earth Day celebration is an opportunity to give back to the things we make take for granted.

The campus will also be holding Earth Day activities this weekend.