State Lawmakers Introduce Bills Targeting Red Light Cameras

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COLUMBUS, OH — Once again, state lawmakers are trying to green light new rules for how communities can use speed and red light cameras, especially smaller communities that are getting a big percentage of their revenue from tickets.

Columbus Democratic Rep. Hearcel Craig is going after communities without mayors’ courts that running traffic camera programs. He said some violations come with fines in the hundreds to thousands of dollars which he says is “abusive and excessive”.

“What we’re looking to do is close those loopholes by capping those fees. At this point enough is enough.”

A trio of bills from Republican Rep. Tom Patton of Strongsville would ban traffic cameras use in communities that get more than 30% of their revenue from the cameras, or have fewer than 200 residents or no fire or EMS services.

But the commission that looks over legislation is warning that all these bills could be a problem under the state’s home rule provision, which allows communities to set certain rules.