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Where Are We in Trump/Russia Investigations? NPR Security Editor Tells Us

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We have investigations ongoing of the Trump campaign/Russia connection in the Senate, the House and with the Special Counsel appointed by the Interim Attorney General.
It seems we don’t have any one place to follow the events and with each entity conducting its own investigation, we as average citizens can feel like we’re drowning in a sea of terminology and confusion.
We can’t keep up or keep the news straight in our minds.
Philip Ewing, national security editor for National Public Radio (NPR), helps us traverse this confusing investigatory landscape.
Ewing breaks down the recent Senate hearings with Director of National Intelligence Daniel Coats, National Security Agency Director Michael Rogers and former FBI Director James Comey.
Phil gives us an insiders-update on all of the Trump/Russia investigations. He points out and explains many of the nuances that we might otherwise miss.
We discuss “executive privilege,” “classified information,” “the Fifth Amendment,” “immunity,” and “contempt of Congress” among other procedural aspects of the testimony we have heard so far.
He also gives us insight on the workings of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s office, his recent attorney appointments to his staff, and how Mueller is coordinating his activities with the Senate.
We compare how the current investigations are similar to and different from the past Watergate scandal and impeachment proceedings.
We also look at how the White House and the Trump Administration are responding. And, we talk about the role of the news media in covering this process and uncovering stories that actually help propel the investigations.
Throughout the ongoing investigations, Ewing will periodically visit with us to help the average American gain understanding of the processes and events. He will act as our translator and our guide.