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Episode 009 : Randy Rieland

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On this episode of Jazzed About Work we’ll be talking about how the digital revolution may have an impact on YOUR career, and even your well-being.

Our expert guest is Randy Rieland, a veteran traditional journalist who has made the transition to multi-media storytelling. Randy started as a newspaper reporter and went on to become a magazine editor. He was one of the first of his professional tribe to become intrigued by alternative channels for delivering news. Eventually, he helped lead a major company, Discovery Communications, into the digital age.

These days, Randy is a popular writer and speaker helping ordinary people understand the implications of sweeping changes in technology.

We’ll speak with Randy about how tech developments are impacting all of us, and particularly older people. He’ll talk about the rapid development of Artificial Intelligence and give us examples of how AI can be part of the formula for healthy aging.