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Voice Actor Nancy Cartwright In New Role As Filmmaker

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After being the voice of Bart Simpson in Fox’s animated series, The Simpson’s, for 29 years, voice-over actor Nancy Cartwright wanted to do something different artistically.
So, she fired up the “artistic muse” inside her and she co-wrote and produced an independent feature film based upon a portion of her life. It has just been released.
“In Search of Fellini” is about “75 to 80 percent” based upon a real adventure Nancy had in her early 20’s when she toured Italy alone in search of the world famous director Federico Fellini. She did this after being obsessed by the Fellini film “La Strada.”
She left her voice-over work behind and toured Italy searching for the great director. While there she received a marriage proposal plus encountered a life threatening situation among other major incidents. The adventure was life-changing.
The description of the film says: “A shy small-town Ohio girl who loves movies but dislikes reality, discovers the delightfully bizarre films of Federico Fellini, and sets off on a strange, beautiful journey across Italy to find him.”
Earlier in her career, Cartwright had helped create an award-winning one-woman show about this topic but the idea for creating “more” sat on her shelf until she became determined to make it into a feature length film.
Cartwright says that the movie is part of an overall artistic explosion in her life. She says that she has started really exercising her artistic talents in many ways including writing and creating sculpture – among other art forms.
Cartwright talks with Spectrum’s Tom Hodson about the movie, her artistic renaissance, and the stability that being part of television’s longest running show has brought to her life and her career.