Ohio University Students Speak Up About the Halloween Dorm Fee: Reagan McCurley

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Ohio University students living in the dorms are required to pay a $50 upcharge fee to have a guest stay with them for Halloween weekend.

Housing and Residence life has enforced this for the last few years in order to try and reduce the amount of people. The money goes towards paying RA’s and faculty staff working overtime watching the dorms at night. The money is also used for potential damage of the dorms.

Students have mixed feelings about the guest fee. While they understand why it was put into place, some think the amount of money is too high.

Junior Mitchell Cook said he sees both sides of the story.

“It’s a little steep,” he said. “I understand it’s for paying Ra’s and stuff, but fifty dollars is a little much.”

Connor McGinley is a Sophomore who said the fee is inconsistent. He said OU housing should charge a fee for every holiday weekend, not just Halloween.

“I don’t think it’s fair, if they’re going to charge they should do it on a regular basis and not single out this one occasion,” he said.

The deadline for the guest fee has already passed, since the infamous Halloween block party is happening this weekend.  Be sure to be safe and have fun, and most importantly, stay spooky.