If April Showers Bring May Flowers, What Do October Showers Bring?

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It looks like another beautiful day at Strouds Run State Park. The leaves are changing color and the sun is shining bright. Well, that’s for the moment at least. In reality, it’s barely 50 degrees and it just stopped raining for the first time today. As a result, no boats have been taken out and the parking lot is empty. Needless to say, it’s the offseason here.

Ryan Rex is familiar with how the change in season affects his job at Strouds Run.

“We really base a lot of our business directed towards the students. So, schools starts back up, football season is going, people want to be inside, people wanna have campfires and carve pumpkins and stuff. We kinda have to change our focus more to local people,” Rex said.

Beau Nishimura, taproom manager at Little Fish Brewery, is expecting a decline in business as well.

“We’re expecting a decline from compared to the summer months. In general it seems like people like to drink (beer) more when the weather is nicer,” Nishimura said. “When it is colder, they want to stay at home a little bit more.”

“When we are into bad weather we are confined to only five tables so that effects our business there,” he added.

Although they may not see as many customers as compared to the summer months, there is still reason to be excited for the winter season.

“Overall we’re expecting growth compared to our first winter or our second winter,” Nishimura said, “as we’re getting older and more people are getting to know that we are here for more and more business through the winter months.”

“We’re working on creating more taproom space to hopefully get maybe two or three more tables inside that would increase seating area for the colder months.”

Rex is also ready for what the winter months has to offer for Strouds Run.

“We have thousands and thousands of acres for public hunting,” Rex said, “so we have plenty of people coming down (to rent campgrounds).”

“We’re not necessarily relying on this business to provide during the winter, but when the weather is nice we’re grinding and we’re getting boats on the winter.”