Unofficial Election Results for Ross County

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Ross County citizens renewed the 0.5-mill senior citizen’s services levy by 9,126 to 3,567 votes.

Ross Country residents renewed the 1-mill children’s services levy by 8,362 to 4,258 votes.

The expenses levy for the 1.2-mill Zane Trance Local School renewed by a vote of 1,060 to 963.

Twin Township voters renewed the 2-mill fire protection levy by 481 to 158 votes.

Springfield Township citizens renewed the 2-mill fire and EMS levy by 356 to 138 votes.

Huntington Township residents voted for the 1.50 mill Fire and EMS replacement by 487 to 330 votes.

Village of Clarksburg citizens voted for the 1.5-mill current expenses levy by 30 to 12 votes.

Village of Clarksburg residents voted for the 1.5-mill fire replacement levy by 32 to 10 votes.

Village of Frankfort voters passed the 1.8-mill current expenses levy by a vote of 116 to 101.

Rural Paxton Township citizens renewed the 1-mill fire and EMS levy by 107 to 31 votes.

Paxton Townships voters renewed the 0.8-mills cemeteries levy by 191 to 59 votes.