Unofficial Election Results for Belmont County

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Belmont County citizen renewed the 1.5-mill senior services levy by 10,322 to 2,999 votes.

The City of St. Clairsville residents renewed the 1.95-mill operating expenses levy by 855 to 554 votes.

Barnesville Village voters passed the 1.5-mill EMS Levy by a vote of by 414 to 223.

Bridgeport Residents renewed the 2-mill current operating expenses levy by 144 to 70 votes.

Bridgeport Citizens also renewed the 3-mill current operating expenses levy by 127 to 84 votes.

Brookside Village voters passed the 1-mill current operating expenses levy by 104 to 30 votes.

Flushing Village citizens renewed the 1-mill recreation areas levy by 154 to 40 votes.

Shadyside Village voters renewed the 2.5-mill police protection levy by 676 to 291 votes.

Yorkville Village voters passed the 3.5-mill fire additional levy by 52 to 42 votes.

Kirkwood Township citizens passed the 1.5-mill EMS levy by 46 to 31 votes.

Smith Township residents renewed the 0.9-mill roads and bridges levy by 195 to 69 votes.

Smith Township voters renewed the 2-mill community center repair levy by 191 to 74 votes.

Smith Township citizens renewed the 4-mill fire levy by a vote of by 211 to 54.

Warren Township residents passed the 1.5-mill EMS levy by 233 to 154 votes.

Memorial Park District voters renewed the 0.25-mill current expenses levy by 2,108 to 986 votes.

Belmont County citizens renewed the 1-mill current expenses levy by 4,877 to 1,785 votes.

St. Clairsville Public Library passed the 0.5-mill current expenses levy by 2,330 to 1,010 votes.

Citizens voted for the expenses of the Barnesville Hutton Memorial Library 1-mill levy by 288 to 146 votes.