Episode 111 – Immersive Media for Teaching and Learning

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Virtual and augmented reality are poised to disrupt media consumption in all areas—entertainment, journalism, and education to name a few. Are you skeptical about this influencing your teaching and learning? If so, think about how smart phones and mobile computing has changed the ways in which we consume information. Virtual and augmented reality is the next evolution of mobile media consumption, and will disrupt our uses of media in the same way that the iPhone did less than a few years ago. Eric Williams, Josh Antonuccio, and John Bowditch are the chief architects of the Immersive Media Initiative at Ohio University. In this episode, you will hear how they teach students in a technology environment that changes rapidly, as well as how uses of AR/VR technology is presenting exciting learning opportunities across a wide array of fields, and at all age levels. This is the first in a multi-show series on VR/AR uses in education settings. You can learn more about the Immersive Media Initiative by visiting