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Episode 207: Micro-Credentialing to Empower Teachers w/ Lynette Guastaferro

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Teaching Matters is not just a great name for a podcast, its also a great name for an organization devoted to teacher development. Today’s guest is Lynette Guastaferro, the CEO of the non-profit organization, Teaching Matters, based in New York City. We will learn from Guastaferro how the organization uses micro-credentialing to empower teachers with… Read More

Episode 206 : Terri Givens

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Excellence in teaching and learning is increasingly tied to the need for assessment. As both students and methods of instruction change, faculty are called upon to assess learning in ways that are increasingly nuanced so that meaningful improvements can be made across programs and within specific courses. Dr. Terri Givens, an education consultant and former… Read More

Episode 205 : Ron Regev, Chief Music Officer for Tonara

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Learning to play a musical instrument presents a number of winding paths for students. Besides needing to learn concepts related to music theory, students must also integrate their conceptual understanding with development of fine motor skills. Often overlooked is the affective dimension of learning. How can music educators keep students motivated to practice so that… Read More

Episode 122 : The Ten Principles for Building a High Quality System of Assessment

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In an effort to improve assessment practices, a collaboration between 19 different organizations representing educational researchers, educational policy reform advocates, private sector interests, and others, recently released “The Ten Principles for Building a High Quality System of Assessment.” ( A primary objective of the Ten Principles is to improve the ecological validity of assessment practices… Read More

Episode 113 : Math and Science Teaching Challenges w/ Dr. Courtney Koestler

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Math and Science education poses challenges for teachers as they confront phobias, anxieties and perceived differential abilities among students. Dr. Courtney Koestler, Director of the OHIO Center for Equity in Math and Science in the Patton College of Education at Ohio University, discusses the political dimensions of math and science education as well as the… Read More