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Episode 102 : Filip Noterdaeme – Stories of Students’ Apologies

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In previous times, students who missed class either ignored the transgression, or were forced to address the issue with their teacher during office hours, or during a subsequent class period. Modern communication tools, however, offer new avenues for accounts, excuses, and apologies surrounding absences. In his recent book titled, Dear Professor: A Chronicle of Absences,… Read More

Episode 101: Wendy Merb-Brown

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When students enter college, or undergo other similar transitions during their academic careers, they are at greater risk of academic difficulties. This episode features Wendy Merb-Brown, who is the Assistant Dean of University College at Ohio University. Wendy directs a campus wide learning community program for first-year students, which is designed to support students as… Read More

Episode 015 : Stephen Hunt

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Dr. Stephen Hunt is Director of the School of Communication at Illinois State University in Normal Illinois. For several years, Steve and his colleagues have worked with the American Democracy Project, which is a program of the American Association of State Colleges and Universities, to integrate political engagement activities into college curricular and co-curricular experiences…. Read More

Episode 014 : Ulrich Boser

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Ulrich Boser is a Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress, where he examines education issues. He talks with Scott Titsworth about his recently published book, “Learn Better: Mastering the Skills for Success in Life, Business, and School, or, How to Become an Expert in Just About Anything”. For more information on the book,… Read More

Episode 013 : Melissa Broeckelman-Post

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As Basic Course Director in the Department of Communication at George Mason University, Melissa Broeckelman-Post is responsible for training and supervising 50-60 instructors who teach 3500-4000 students per year in the required introductory communication skills courses taken by all students, as well as developing curriculum, managing the program, and assessing learning outcomes. Dr. Broeckelman-Post discusses… Read More

Episode 011: Angela Hosek

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Dr. Angela Hosek directs the basic communication course in Ohio University’s School of Communication Studies in the Scripps College of Communication. Dr. Hosek discusses how group dynamics play a role in the learning process for millennial students, as well as how education approaches must adapt to the ways in which millennial students tend to learn.