“Teaching Matters” – A New Podcast Launched by WOUB Public Media

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WOUB Public Media, in cooperation with Dr. Scott Titsworth, Dean of the Scripps College of Communication at Ohio University, has developed a new podcast, “Teaching Matters.”
It is being launched nationally on:

iTunes PodcastsGoogle Play, and NPR One.

The podcast is an “information resource on teaching and learning in an information-rich world,” according to Dr. Titsworth.

He will have conversations with guests who will talk about new teaching techniques geared for the 21st century learner in a technological age.

Three initial podcasts have been posted and soon new podcasts will appear weekly.

In the first podcast, Dr. Titsworth talks with Dr. Brad Cohen, Senior Vice Provost for Instructional Innovation at Ohio University. Dr. Cohen discusses the high expectations that millennial students have for their college experience, as well as ways in which higher education must adapt.

Dr. Cohen gives particular attention to his interest in new classroom designs intended to promote student engagement and learning.

In Episode 2, Dr. Laura Harrison and Dr. Pete Mather discuss their recently published book addressing the topic of “Appreciative Inquiry” and its role in shaping institutional orientations toward student success.

Rather than focusing on what’s wrong with education, Dr. Harrison and Dr. Mather try to understand what works well and how to build on those successes. The conversation offers practical advice for administrators, teachers, students, and parents.

The third episode features Dr. Wendy Reinke and Dr. Keith Herman, co-directors of the Missouri Prevention Center, which brings together community members and researchers to help schools and families promote social and academic success.

This interview focuses on a recent research article published by Dr. Reinke and Dr. Herman exploring dynamics of classroom interaction related to problematic behaviors in classroom settings.

If you’d like to learn more about the work being done at the Missouri Prevention Center, visit: and