Finals By Alden Week

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Finals By Alden week has started, and Alden Library has plenty of stress relieving events for Bobcats who want to relieve final exam stress.

At “Club Alden” you can actually enjoy the time you spend studying. You can relieve stress by making buttons and getting free food all leading to getting A’s on your finals. Sophomore, Yasmine Agyekum, shares her positive experiences with the events.

“This year finals week has been pretty stressful. I’m a second year now, so my classes are a little bit harder. Last year they had a lot of stuff going on here, they had a free pizza night that I came to which was really beneficial because I was super hungry and it was really late at night. I think what Alden does for students is really positive,” Agyekum said.

Free food is one of many things Alden Library has been offering students since team leader Jessica Hagman started the project. Hagman is proud that this project started off small and has continued to pick up gradually.

“It all started with some kind of snacks, and a couple things back probably in like 2011 or 2012, and since then we really built it up to add therapy pets, and trivia contests, and donuts, and all sorts of fun things,” Hagman said.

Meet Roxy. She is one of the stress relief animals that paid Athens a visit during the therapy pets event, along side another dog, a cat and a bunny that were all great study break buddies. Students enjoyed the group of animals saying they reminded them of their pets back home.

Roxy, one of the dogs from the Therapy Pets event.


Joey Walden, one of the Finals by Alden committee members, really enjoys being a part of the team to create events like the therapy pets and more. He shares how he taps into his inner student and what he enjoys most about being apart of this project.

“Getting to see people relax. Often times I come in here and I’ll see people running to the printer or they will be stressed out, and I just want to see people not stressed. Because a lot of where their success is going to be isn’t necessarily going be in trying to cram in there and being super focused.  Sometimes you just have to relax and let the information settle down a little bit. So getting students a chance to rest and relax has been something joyful,” Walden said.

Besides therapy animals and fun, Alden is trying to get a message across. Don’t stress, take study breaks and succeed.

Finals week by Alden started two weeks ago and will continue till the end of finals week, with events such as a trivia contest, another chance to make buttons, and more time to enjoy playing with stress relief animals.

For more information about the scheduled events and details, visit Alden Library‘s website and Twitter page.