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NPR’s Robert Siegel Bids Farewell to NPR After 40 Years of Audio Storytelling

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Robert Siegel came to Washington D.C. from New York City’s FM Radio scene some 41 years ago. He thought his transition to Washington was temporary and soon he would be back in the New York scene.
Then, he discovered a fledgling National Public Radio. He joined a group of pioneering young reporters, journalists and broadcasters who thought audio storytelling was important and limitless in its possibilities. In short, he never returned to his New York roots.
Instead, he flourished professionally and grew as NPR grew. Thirty years ago, he became one of the hosts of NPR’s afternoon news and talk show “All Thing Considered.” It was a position that he would not relinquish for three decades.
Last Friday, on Jan. 5th, Siegel retired from his broadcasting position. Shortly before he signed off, Spectrum special correspondent Emily Votaw had the opportunity to speak with him about his career at NPR and in broadcasting.
We bring you this special edition of Spectrum to share with you part of Siegel’s farewell to his loyal and fervent listeners and supporters.