Gov. John Kasich speaks to reporters for a legislative preview hosted by the AP. (Atish Baidya)

Ohio Governor Wants Money for Rural Ohio Community Centers

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COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) – Ohio Gov. John Kasich wants to provide state money for community centers in rural areas to help fight the state’s opioid crisis.

The Republican governor says he’ll ask for the money in his upcoming capital budget. He wants to aim it at places like Boys and Girls clubs that serve children who sometimes have no place else to go.

Kasich says he was moved by a recent visit to rural Pike County and the stories of struggling teens he heard there.

The governor spoke to editors and reporters Wednesday attending an annual legislative preview sponsored by The Associated Press.

He answered a question about another presidential run by saying he doesn’t know what he’ll do at the end of his term.

Kasich called the press an essential American institution.