Alexander Gets Crucial Conference Win Against Meigs

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The Alexander (11-11, 7-5) boys bounced back Tuesday night in a 57 to 50 victory over TVC-Ohio foes, the Meigs Marauders (14-8, 9-3).

The Spartans came out at the beginning of the game and were challenged by a half court 1-3-1 defense the Marauders threw at them. They were able to work the ball around and knock down a few shots in the paint, but the shots beyond the arc were not falling for the Spartans in the first half.

Senior Ryan Davidson rolled into the first quarter with a quick five points for the Alexander offense, but he soon found himself on the bench for the rest of the first quarter and most of the second after picking up two early fouls.

Junior Zach Bartrum and sophomore Weston Baer were relentless for the Marauders all game and were the reason Meigs had a 26 to 25 lead going into halftime. Bartrum finished the game with 20 points and Baer finished with 22, totaling 42 of the teams 50 points.

The second half was a different story as the Spartans started knocking down their shots and took the lead 33-31 with 5:11 left in the third quarter on a Luke Kish 3-pointer. Alexander led the rest of the game and entered the fourth quarter with a five-point lead.

Meigs cut the lead to three points with 45 seconds left in the game and had the opportunity to tie it up, but were eventually forced to foul the Spartans.

Stone Markins-Irwin and Kish both stepped up to the free throw and knocked down free throws in those last crucial seconds to hold on to the victory.

Davidson and Kish both finished the game with 13 points, and Markins-Irwin tallied nine for the Spartans. Caleb Terry pulled down eight rebounds.

The Spartans have three more games this week. They host Crooksville Wednesday night and Wellston Thursday night.  They then travel to Chesapeake Saturday night. The Marauders host the Eastern Eagles Saturday night.